Cycling Into The Bin

Adventure Time: New Years Day 2018, two weeks after diagnosis.

Oh hello. I'm Bob, I'm a 43-year-old Scottish Artist / Community Worker / Dad, living in country Victoria, Australia. That's me on the right.


This is a blog about Cancer and chemotherapy, stroke, healthcare, meds, anxiety and a lot of bad metaphors mixing up 80's movies, 80's music, Aussie Rules Football, Star Trek, Art, Netflix, Hair Metal, Classic Russian Realist Literature, anxiety, time travel, parenting, mental health, frightened rabbits, shoplifting, herd immunity,  tribalism, Skean Dhu's, radiation therapy, designer hats, colonialism, tattoos, flying skulls, holidaying werewolves, the court of Louis XV, childhood trauma, art schools, art therapy, romantic opera, dodgy rumours, literary streets, weird instruments, Lithuanian organ makers, Misophonia, the end of the universe, an epidemic of madness, Buddhist monks, haircuts, health forums, good samaritans, Greek mythology, astronomy, crab war suits and anything else that gets in the way of a normal life all get the chemo treatment.


I'll update as often as I can through my 6 months of chemo with observations through the fog...

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With love.


Numerous images and videos shared without permissions but with respect, admiration and credit where available.